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The Best Anime PFPs of 2022 – 150+ Anime Profile Pictures!

This article is made specifically for all our fans who also happen to be the most hardcore anime lovers on the planet because here we have a huge collection of the best anime PFPs on the internet!

Anime has become such a huge thing in these past few years because it has now fans across all genders, all nationalities and all ages, and it’s something that unites people all over the world.

It seems right to have a cool anime PFP so that we can show just how much we love anime!

Typically, a profile picture should reflect your personality or your mood, or simply feature the things you like – in our case, anime – and it should make a statement or define yourself online. So, if you are not a fan of anime, there’s various movies, TV shows, different fandoms, memes, etc. that serve as a good source to pick a profile picture from.

In this article though, you will find some of the best anime PFPs out there. Of course you can find even more if you are willing to spend hours looking for them. But why waste time when I have done all the hardwork for you in order to find the best ones, right?

And, I have categorized all the PFPs according to the following categories, so click on one of the below category to jump right to that particular section. Or, just browse through the entire article and you will find a gorgeous anime PFP that will become your online identity for a long time.

The Best Anime PFPs of 2022 – The Ultimate Collection!

Best Anime Girl PFPs:

There’s no better way to start off this list than by featuring the best anime girl PFPs this year!

This category is quite simple, yet it is one of the most popular because anime girls come in all shapes and sizes and they are all really gorgeous and some of the cutest. You can search and search and you will just be spoiled for choice because there are so many gorgeous anime girl PFPs to choose from.

So, to make things easy for you, I have made a collection featuring the best girls including Akeno Himejima, Nami, Mai Sakurajima, Captain Hibana, Kaguya Shinomiya, Lucy Heartfilia, Himiko Toga and more! Feel free to browse and download the anime PFPs featuring your favorite anime waifu!

Best Anime Boy PFPs:

There’s no way we are going to ignore all the handsome anime boys out there after talking about the gorgeous anime girls, is there? So, here’s some really cool anime boy PFPs that you absolutely must check out!

From heroes to villains, from badass characters to lazy characters, from adults to kids, we’ve got the perfect collection featuring all sorts of boys from anime in this section. Feel free to browse through all of them because I can guarantee that you’ll find an anime PFP that you will use for a long time to come.

There are characters like Edward Elric, Eren Jeager, Kakashi Hatake, Gojo Satoru, Son Goku, Hisoka, Shouyo Hinata and more, so there’s a photo for everyone here!

Cool Anime PFPs:

Time to check out some really cool anime PFPs for those who love awesomeness!

In this section, you’ll find characters being cool and awesome, while fighting or striking a pose or just by being themselves, and that’s what’s so amazing about them. There’s no shortage of cool anime characters out there, so I am sure you’ll find the perfect PFP for yourself right here.

Cute Anime PFPs of 2022:

After the coolest PFPs out there, we have probably the most-searched category among otakus – the cute anime girls and boys!

In this section, you’ll find the cutest anime profile pictures available right now. You might see a ton of adorable anime girls featured here, but there are also a few pictures featuring guys that you might want to check out.

So feel free to browse through all these kawaii PFPs and pick one or several that you’d like to download!

Funny Anime PFPs:

No matter how serious or dark an anime is, there’s always a character who’s super funny and who makes a ton of funny faces in all sorts of situations. So, finding the right PFP that’s also quite comedic is not that tough of a task.

But, I tried to collect the best PFPs featuring the funniest anime character faces right here so you don’t have to do the hard work of going through hundreds upon hundreds of pages to find a PFP you’re looking for.

And using a funny anime PFP is evergreen and would never go out of style!


These were some of the best anime PFPs of 2022 across multiple categories. I tried to include all sorts of profile pictures for you to use, from cool to cute to funny, so I am sure you’ll be able to find the exact kind of PFP that you’ve been looking for from this list. So, download the anime PFPs that you like right now!


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