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13 Best Anime Torrent Sites in 2022

When you are a fan of watching anime, you should always know all about the several anime torrent sites that are available for you. These websites allow you to download torrent files of your favorite anime when you cannot stream those anime on legal streaming websites.

The entertainment industry has been rapidly transforming all over the globe. Long gone is the time when American culture used to dominate the segment. If you’re following the latest entertainment trend, you already know that South Korean and Japanese movies are the top growing worldwide. A core part of Japanese entertainment belongs to anime shows and movies.

The thing with anime is that they are not legally available everywhere. Even if it’s available in your country, there’s a solid chance the catalog would not be that extensive. That is where torrents come in, which we’re sure you have heard of more than enough. While the internet hosts countless torrent sites, many are just active to churn out ad revenues.

So, finding the active torrenting sites that provide proper material to download becomes a task. And in this article, we will list down some torrent sites that are the best for downloading anime series!

The Best Anime Torrent Sites of 2022

1. SubsPlease


SubsPlease claims to be the one-stop-shop for new anime shows. This website is known for posting anime series primarily, so you might not be able to find your favorite anime movie here.

There’s a reason why this website is our #1 recommendation. The overall experience of using this website to download various anime shows is top-notch. You get a clean website free of any annoying ads or pop-ups. It offers a simple and decluttered user interface with light and dark modes.

We could find all the latest episodes of various anime shows without any fake links or low-health torrents. Most of the content on the website comes in multiple resolutions, from 480p to 1080p.

SubsPlease also has a scheduling feature to compile all the airtime-related details of currently ongoing shows. The best thing about SubsPlease is the enthusiast community hosted on Discord which always has around 4000 members online.


  • No need for account registration
  • Clean and minimal UI with no annoying ads or pop-ups
  • No access restrictions so available worldwide
  • Massive Discord community


  • Not an extensive when it comes to anime movies

2. Nyaa


Another famous anime torrent site that has been around for quite some time now is Nyaa. This particular website is primarily known for two things – healthy torrents and regular new content. You can find almost everything related to anime on Nyaa – from anime movies and shows to e-books and audio; you can find all the anime-related content.

From the user experience perspective, Nyaa brings forward a simple and crowded-looking user interface with a homepage showing all the recently uploaded anime torrents. You don’t need to sign up to download torrents, so that’s a good thing. It also has a dark mode which we always appreciate.

The only massive issue with Nyaa is that you need a VPN connection most of the time to access it. This is because certain internet providers impose access restrictions on it.


  • Available content includes anime movies, shows, e-books, and audio
  • It consists of healthy torrents and the latest anime content
  • No annoying ads or pop-ups
  • No login is required to download the torrents


  • Access restrictions by certain internet providers

3. ShanaProject


ShanaProject is unique for anime torrent sites, or torrent sites in general, because it offers various features that truly enhance your entire user experience.

For instance, ShanaProject allows you to automate your anime downloads. This feature comes in handy when you’re actively watching your favorite anime show without worrying about downloading every episode on your own.

Another solid feature of ShanaProject is that it has no download limitations, and you don’t need to seed torrents as the website relies on multiple sources. While the webpage might not be modern, it is undoubtedly clean and free of annoying ads. A solid option if you’re looking to download both the latest anime movies and shows.


  • No need for account registration (though some features require you to register)
  • Automate your anime downloads
  • No annoying ads or pop-ups
  • Available worldwide with no download restriction
  • The catalog has both anime shows and movies


  • Dark mode would have enhanced user experience (we’re nitpicking, we know)

4. AniDex


AniDex might sound like computer software allowing you to control other computers remotely, but that’s not the case.

AniDex is yet another popular anime torrent site that allows you to download all the latest anime shows and movies. Most of the torrents you would find on this website are of excellent health, so you don’t need to worry about downloading low-quality content. The site even offers dubbed anime if you prefer watching the shows or movies this way.

Unlike the other two mentions, AniDex is not an anime-exclusive torrent site. You will find other content on the site as well, like manga, music, games, and even software, but again most of the content resembles the Japanese culture.

The site’s interface looks like a typical P2P site, with the homepage showing all the latest torrents accompanied by related stats. If you’re looking not only for anime movies or shows but also for related content such as manga or light novels, then AniDex is the right place for you.


  • Repository of not only animes but related content as well
  • No account registration is required for downloading the content
  • Clean and old-school-looking user interface


  • Heavily relies on users seeding the torrents to be sustainable
  • You might encounter a few bad torrents with terrible low speeds
  • There’s a ton of adult content as well, but you can use filters to get rid of them from your view

5. AniRena


AniRena is a popular name amongst the anime community as this torrent site once was the most popular one. It was the go-to place for an enthusiast to download all the anime shows or movies.

After going offline a while back, AniRena is back with the new and popular anime-related content. Besides original language, AniRena also offers multiple dubbed torrents, making it a solid place for everyone. Apart from anime, you can also find mangas, audiobooks, e-books, etc.

AniRena also supports personalized profiles allowing you to receive torrent suggestions depending on your previous downloads. Sadly, the site still locks good torrents, which makes sense considering it’s up back again, and many people would need to seed the torrents. That’s the thing with P2P torrent sites, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


  • Legacy of being the popular anime torrent sites
  • It offers much more than just anime shows and movies
  • Clean and ad-free user experience
  • No need for account registration
  • Personalized profiles so that you quickly find the best content for you


  • Lacks healthy torrents
  • It relies heavily on other people seeding the torrents for sustainable community

6. Tokyo Toshokan

tokyo toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan is a synonym for a massive BitTorrent library designed especially for Japanese media. We’re using the word “media” here as this site does not just offer anime but much more. This website should be your go-to place for everything if you’re into Japanese media.

Tokyo Toshokan comes with a very old-school or retro user interface that looks like some advanced repository. And that is the downside of this torrent site. It targets advanced P2P users, which makes it not so user-friendly.

However, if you’re planning to use this site just for downloading anime shows, you will not be left disappointed. You can find every anime show or movie ever made, even the rare ones. The site also offers a feed you can hook up with your RSS reader to stay on top of the newly provided content.


  • A go-to place for everything related to Japanese media
  • A huge volume of content related to not just anime shows and movies
  • RSS feeds & custom search support
  • No registration for an account, but we highly recommend


  • Designed for advanced P2P users
  • The user interface is not modern and up to date

7. Anime Layer

anime layer

Anime Layer is quite different from all the anime torrent sites mentioned on this list. It’s not just an anime torrent site but more of an informational database. The key highlight of the site is that you can find overviews of anime shows and movies. With each overview, you would also see the torrent download link. Every single content on Anime Layer comes with English and Russian subs.

Speaking of Russian, the major downside of this website is that it is originally in Russian. Of course, you can translate to whatever language but not every browser supports this by default.

Anime Layer also has a forum where many cool and exciting discussions occur. The admins or moderators of the site keep things fresh, so you would rarely see broken or unhealthy torrent links.


  • Not just a torrent repository but in-depth overviews of anime content
  • Includes forum for healthy and interesting discussions
  • It contains freshly curated links with high download speeds


  • Requires account creation to download anime movies or shows
  • In the Russian language, so you would need a translator extension or browser that supports natively

8. BakaBT


BakaBT is not a website where you can go and download your favorite anime shows or movies. No! We’re not talking about registration but special access.

BakaBT is a private anime community where you need special access from the admin themselves. You need to pass an interview test the website’s team takes to get access. It sounds more serious, but it is a fun process instead.

BakaBT has two IRC channels using which you can try to get yourself an interview. It might take some time, but it is definitely worth it. The site offers a lot of awesome content on the website. You will get all the latest content with high-quality torrent files.

It’s an exclusive community, so you can expect much more than downloading anime. The website is available worldwide without any restrictions.


  • Exclusive and private anime community on the internet
  • Designed for true anime fans
  • High-quality torrent files with plenty of anime-related contents


  • Requires an interview to pass to access the private website
  • The process might take more time than expected

9. Anime Ultime

anime ultime

If you’re looking for an anime-focused extensive community that also hosts torrents, then Anime Ultime is what you need to try. It is a highly active community where you would see something new every day. It is a French torrent site, so you must translate it to your preferred language, but it’s relatively simple to navigate.

You need to create an account to get the best of this website. Once you register, you can partake in multiple discussions surrounding various anime shows.


  • An extensive community for anime lovers out there
  • Learn more about animes apart from just downloading them
  • Offers media streaming right out of the box
  • Receives fresh updates every day
  • The user interface is unique


  • French website, so you would need to translate
  • The website relies on Adobe Flash heavily

10. Anime Tosho


Another solid community and one of the best anime torrent sites for all anime lovers is Anime Tosho. It’s known for its ad-free experience and no account registration policy. The user interface of this website is very old-school and retro, making it look like some kind of real deal. We personally enjoy the user interface as it brings back the nostalgic feeling of the 90s.

On Anime Tosho, you can find a single torrent file for complete anime shows that some people highly prefer. You can find even English dubbed anime shows and movies on this website.

The website is quite simple, with its homepage showing all the recently uploaded torrents. There’s a login or registration form and a search bar that allows you to look for particular anime titles. The site also has a strong Discord community that you can join to stay on top of all the latest happenings.


  • Anime-based community with P2P offerings
  • Plenty of healthy torrent files for anime shows and movies
  • Active community with the latest happenings in the world of anime
  • No account registration required


  • The user interface might not be for everyone

11. 1337x

1337x anime torrents

1337x is yet another multi-niche torrent website known for hosting all types of content, from games and music to anime shows and movies. Unlike the torrent sites mentioned so far, 1337x brings an experience almost free of ads; but it still relies on non-intrusive pop-ups.

You would also find ads on this site but very few and limited. You don’t need to sign up for an account to enjoy the unlimited downloads, which are good.

1337X largely relies on its users to upload high-quality torrents to their platform, and if you’ve used the site for a long time, you’ll have no issue finding the torrent files with the fastest download speeds. I’ve been using this site for a long time, and I haven’t encountered low-quality torrents that much.

The primary issue with this website is that it is not exclusive to anime, so you might not be able to find non-popular or old anime shows or movies here.


  • Repository of a wide variety of contents, including anime, movies, and shows
  • No account registration is required for downloading the content
  • Clean and crisp-looking interface


  • Not an exclusive site for anime or related content
  • Annoying pop-ups are still present, while the ads are very few

12. Torlock


We have a love-hate relationship with Torlock, and we’ll explain why. TorLock is known explicitly for offering verified anime torrents. While the site offers a massive catalog of anime movies and shows, there are few problems with TorLock.

The first and foremost is the lack of healthy torrents in some cases. The other major issue is the annoying ads and pop-ups, which significantly downgrade the entire experience. We have included this website because you can always use ad-blockers, and it is still one of the most popular torrenting websites overall.

TorLock has access restrictions in some countries, which might be an issue for some. It is overall an excellent anime torrent site, but it could have been a top pick if there were no annoying ads or pop-ups.


  • It has a lot of anime-related content, from movies and shows to games and comics
  • Verified anime torrents so you know it’s free of malware
  • A sizeable library of content
  • Offers mirror URLs so you can access them if you’re unable to access the original site


  • Access restrictions in various countries

13. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is the OG when it comes to torrent hosting websites. From the initial days of torrents, this website has acted as a search engine for torrents. After running successfully for decades, The Pirate Bay suddenly went offline, resulting in a creation of a lot of copycats and other torrent websites.

But, The Pirate Bay is now back, and it still offers the ease of finding healthy torrents.

You can find almost all the anime movies and shows on this website. It contains both healthy and useless torrent files. As a result, you generally have to spend extra time finding the correct torrent file for your favorite anime shows. Another good thing about the website is that it is updated regularly, and the torrents are frequently checked.


  • The OG website for anyone looking to download torrents
  • It acts like a search engine but for torrents
  • Find more than just anime movies and shows on this website


  • The old user interface which might not be for everyone
  • It contains bad torrents as well, so you might have to spend some more time

What Are The Best Anime Torrent Sites of 2022?

With that, it’s time to conclude this comprehensive listicle on the best torrent sites for downloading anime.

We looked at plenty of solid options, from torrent sites to P2P anime communities. Using these websites, you can find the latest anime shows, movies, and older anime titles, at high resolution and with fantastic streaming quality.

So, share this list with your friends who also love watching anime. If you have some feedback or a suggestion to make this list of the best anime torrent sites even better, let us know in the comments section below!


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