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10 Best Online Battle Royale Games for Android & iOS (2022)

Are you a fan of online battle royale games? Do you enjoy going on a battlefield and competing against hundreds of players to become the last man standing? Do you love teaming up with your friends and fighting for survival? If yes, then you definitely want to try out these amazing online battle royale games that are available for both Android and iOS.

Battle Royale as a genre was available for a long time, but it was the launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, popularly known as PUBG, that earned it an insane amount of popularity and spawned hundreds of similar games. I would say that PUBG did for battle royale genre what Clash of Clans did for the strategy genre, it completely decimated the other genres and got the entire world playing against each other!

And if you are fan of such games, then you now have multiple options to choose from. I am sure that you love playing PUBG Mobile, but there are other games that offer you a different take on the same concept.

In this article, I am going to list down some of the best online battle royale games that you absolutely need to try because they have completely redefined the genre. And if you think that I am missing some games, then let me know about them in the comments section below and I’ll take a look at them. So, let’s begin!

Best Battle Royale Games of 2022

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

call of duty mobile

I personally think that Call of Duty: Mobile is the best game right now when it comes to playing battle royale or multiplayer games. You might be surprised to see it above PUBG Mobile, but this is my personal opinion and I spend more time playing CODM than PUBGM!

The game is absolutely free to download and play, and since it is a battle royale game, you need an active, stable and fast internet connection when you play it.

It has a battle royale mode where you can play alone, with another player or a team of 4, and you can even invite your friends to make a team and then use the voice chat feature to coordinate each other and take out the opposing teams. It also has a multiplayer mode where you will play 5v5 PvP matches in several different locations and settings.

The gameplay is perfect, the game modes are amazing, there are tons of guns, accessories and items available and it has stunning graphics as well, even better than PUBG in my opinion. So, if you haven’t played CODM yet, I highly recommend you to try it out!

Download – Android & iOS!

2. PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile

PUBG became a global phenomenon as soon it was launched, and although it was available on PC only in the beginning, it gradually made its way to mobile and became an even larger phenomenon.

Ever since the launch, the game has developed a lot and it has so many game modes available that you’ll never get bored. There is, of course, the battle royale mode that all of us love to play but there’s also 4v4 deathmatch mode, payload mode and zombie modes.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 which delivers the console-like quality on your smartphone, and there are daily events and challenges to keep you engrossed in the game.

And the best part is that the game has massive maps to explore, with new ones added regularly. I am sure you’ve already played PUBG Mobile, but if you uninstalled it for some reason, then now’s the time to reinstall it and start playing it once again.

Download – Android & iOS!

3. Garena Free Fire

garena free fire

Garena Free Fire was one of the first battle royale games that were released for the Android devices, and that helped it become one of the most popular as well. And even though the other games made their way to the mobile platforms, it has managed to retain its userbase by providing the best gameplay experience.

Unlike the other games mentioned on this list, Garena Free Fire pits 50 players against each other in 10-minute games and makes it a battle for survival. You can either play the game solo, or create a 4-player squad with other players or by inviting your friends.

Apart from the battle royale mode, there’s also a 4vs4 game mode available where you’ll go up against another team in an epic PvP match.

Download – Android & iOS!

4. Rules of Survival

rules of survival

This is yet another game that benefited from the hype of battle royale games because it was one of the first games to be developed for smartphones, even before PUBG was launched for Android and iOS.

And by offering an exciting gameplay, multiple game modes and everything a player was looking for in a game, Rules of Survival became one of the best online battle royale games in a short span of time.

It’s also different from other games on this list because it throws you in an huge 8x8km map with 300 players who fight against each other to become the last player standing. So, you will have to fight a lot of people if you want to win the match.

There are a variety of weapons and accessories available on the battlefield, a ton of vehicles to make your transport easier and the option to play solo or as a team is also available.

Rules of Survival was the game that everyone played when it was launched because not all of us had the option to play PUBG on our computers and this was the next best option, and it still is! So try it out if your smartphone doesn’t support other games.

Download – Android & iOS!

5. Battlelands Royale

battlelands royale

The developers of Battlelands Royale has given a unique spin to the battle royale genre and although the concept is similar, the gameplay is a bit lighthearted compared to the others games.

When you play this game, you won’t have to wait in any lobbies as you’ll immediately be able to parachute to the location, loot the weapons and begin fighting against other players. There will be 32 players in each game which will be 3-5 minutes long resulting in fast-paced action!

The game has a variety of weapons to choose from, several location to explore and hide from other players, new characters and emotes and much more. And with super simple controls, you will be able to enjoy the game without any issues.

Download – Android & iOS!

6. Creative Destruction

creative destruction

Creative Destruction is developed by NetEase Games, the developers responsible for some of the most popular action as well as battle royale games available right now. And this particular game is also quite fun and exciting to play!

The game will remind you more of Fortnite, if you’ve played it, then it will remind you of PUBG because Creative Destruction allows you to break things while on the battlefield and build structures to help you take out your enemies. Plus, the cartoon-esque graphics are also quite different and unique.

The gameplay is pretty simple as 100 players will be dropped in a secluded location where they have to equip themselves with all the weapons and accessories they can find and then fight against each other to become the last man standing.

There are different gameplay modes available, you can play solo or in a team, and there are even weather and time systems to make the game even more fun to play.

Download – Android & iOS!

7. ZombsRoyale.io


If you want a break from the high-octane multiplayer games and want to play something simple, but with a similar concept, then you can play ZombsRoyale.io which is a 2D battle royale game.

IO-type games are always simple, fun to play and really addictive and it’s no different with ZombsRoyale either because you’ll get hooked to it for quite some time.

The concept is similar as there will be 100 players on the battlefield and you’ll be fighting against each other. Plus, you can either play solo, as a duo or as a 4-player squad to take on your enemies as a team. And there are other game modes available as well for you to explore!

So, if you haven’t heard of the game or haven’t tried it yet, then I suggest you do it right away because it is one of the best games in the genre right now.

Download – Android & iOS!

8. Cyber Hunter

cyber hunter

Cyber Hunter is one of the most recent games on this list and that means that it has all the elements that we love about such battle royale games, and it has added a ton of extra elements that will surely make the game unique and fun to play.

The game has a ton of elements which includes survival, shooting, exploration and more and the gameplay is set in a futuristic world where technology is highly advanced and human civilization has undergone an evolutionary leap.

There are several uniquely designed characters to choose from, a ton of special skills and tactics to master and use in a battle, and the opportunity to learn and master parkour which will help you climb structures and knock out your enemies with ease.

So, if you are looking to play a game that’s recent and packed with all the best elements of battle royale and survival genre, then I highly suggest you to give Cyber Hunter a chance!

Download – Android & iOS!

9. Knives Out

knives out

Here’s yet another game on this list that was developed by NetEase Games and launched in the market when there was no battle royale game for smartphones. Knives Out, along with other similar games, gained popularity in that time period and continues to do so as millions of players login daily.

Knives Out offers team gameplay where you can play in 5-player teams and compete against other players. There is a huge map to explore as you find weapons on the battlefield and take out your enemies one by one.

There are other game modes available as well where you can experience sniper battle, 50vs50 matches, a team fight and more so that you never get bored of playing the game!

Download – Android & iOS!

10. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

pixel's unknown battle ground

To finish off the list of the best battle royale games, we have Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground which is one of the games that was really fun to play. The concept is same, but the graphics and the execution are so amazing that it is likely you’ll love it more than the other games on this list.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground as the name suggests is a pixel mobile shooter game where you will be dropped on an island from a chopper and then you’ll have to look for weapons and fight against other players on the island as well. And the shrinking zone will make sure to push you to the other players, so hiding and waiting out the battle is not a good strategy.

The game has multiple graphics settings for devices with low configuration as well as easy controls so that you spend more time enjoying the game rather than learning how to play it.

Download – Android & iOS!

Which Are Your Favorite Battle Royale Games of 2022?

These are some of the best games available right now that you can download and play on your smartphone if you are fan of multiplayer survival as well as battle royale genre.

Also, I am aware that there are several other similar games on the app stores, and many more will launch as well in the coming months, but the games listed above are the best of the best if you are planning on enjoying all the elements and gameplay settings that has made battle royale such a huge genre.

So, make sure that you share the article with your friends and let them know about all these best online battle royale games of 2022 that they can play right now!


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