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23 Best Offline Games for Android That Need No Internet (2022)

It’s really tough to find offline games for Android in today’s day because most of the top gaming titles are online multiplayer games. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any games that don’t need any internet connection available, there indeed are and in this article, we are going to check out some of the best ones!

Games have always been a huge part of our life and as our phones became more powerful and more efficient, so did the games we are supposed to play on it. At this moment, there are hundreds of thousands of games on Google Play Store alone that you can download on your Android device and play whenever you want. However, most of the games released today require internet connection for one thing or the other; but there are still games which don’t need any internet connection at all.

Today, we are going to look at the best offline games for Android that are not only available for free, but also allows you to kill your time whenever you want without worrying about the data usage.

But before we begin the article, you should know that most of the games mentioned below are quite simple games and won’t have the high-end graphics and gameplay that you get from games like Call of Duty: Mobile or AFK Arena.

And even though, these offline games are quite simple and easy to play, they are also very addictive and you may find yourself playing the game for a long time. Since these games don’t require any sort of internet connection to work, it becomes the perfect companion for you to keep yourself busy when you are traveling or for the time when you find yourself with no internet connection around you. So, let’s begin!

Best Offline Games for Android

1. Alto’s Odyssey

alto's odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is the follow-up to Alto’s Adventure, which is one of the most popular games on the Play Store, and this standalone adventure is also earning rave reviews from the players.

It’s a side-scrolling infinite runner game where you will ski down slopes, jump above the dunes, explore the hidden temples and collect coins while you do all that. You can then use these coins to unlock customization elements from the game shop. The game can be played offline and there are multiple characters to choose from. Plus, make sure to put on your headphones and enjoy the original music while taking in the breathtaking graphics as you play this relaxing game.

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2. ∞ Infinity Loop

infinity loop

This is the only game that I install and keep on my phone at all time because it is extremely lightweight, really easy to play and it is addictive enough to keep you occupied for a long time.

The game features a simple concept where you have to create a lop by connecting all the loose ends, and there are endless levels available as well. It’s a relaxing game as you there is no time limit to solve the puzzles. Just take your time, release all your stress and keep solving the puzzles one after the other.

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3. Chain Reaction

chain reaction

Chain Reaction is best played with others as it is a great multiplayer strategy game which allows 2-8 players to play at the same time. It’s got a unique concept and the fact that it doesn’t require internet connection easily makes it one of the best offline Android games.

The concept is simple – all you have to do is take control of the board by eliminating your opponents’ orbs. Players take turns to place the orbs in the cell. You can place multiple orbs in the same cell, but when the capacity is full and the cell reaches critical mass, the orbs will explode into the surrounding cells by adding an extra orb and take control of the cells occupied by your opponent’s orbs.

You can only place an orb in a blank cell, or a cell that already has your orb. The game ends when a player looses all their orbs on the board.

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4. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

friday the 13th: killer puzzle

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is less of a horror game, and more of a puzzle game where you play as Jason Voorhees.

The game consists of 100+ puzzle levels that you need to solve in order for Jason to stalk and slay the campers. The game will take you to different places like supermax prisons to ski resorts or the high-rises of Manhattan where Jason will terrorize his victims. You can solve the puzzles and unlock tons of horrifying murder weapons as well.

However, there are also things and people that Jason needs to avoid while he goes on a rampage and those include cops, SWAT teams, traps, land mines and for some reason, rotary telephones as well.

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5. 2048


2048 is yet another game that I really love to play. It’s not just lightweight, but also extremely simple yet super addictive once you get a hang of it.

The gameplay is pretty simple as you simply have to swipe up, down, left or right to merge two tiles with the same number into one. You start with tiles having number 2 on them and when you merge two such tiles, you get one tile with number 4 on it. You keep going in the same fashion until you achieve a tile with number 2048 on it, and that’s when you win.

If you think that the difficulty levels have gone down, or you have gotten better at the game, you can try one of the bigger board sizes and keep playing the game.

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6. Hungry Shark Evolution

hungry shark evolution

This is a simple yet fun to play game that requires no Internet connection at all. The premise is simple, the controls are simple and the graphics is top-notch which makes it one of the best offline Android games right now.

In Hungry Shark Evolution, you control one of the shark and go on a rampage as it eats the fishes and the sea creatures in the ocean, as well as eating the humans enjoying at the beach. You can unlock multiple sharks, including Great White as well as the mythical Megalodon, and each of them have a limit of what they can eat, so make sure you take a note of that.

The game doesn’t just require you eating the creatures because there are also hidden areas for you to find and collect sunken treasures, equip accessories like jetpacks and lasers on your shark to give it an extra edge and participate in multiple events to earn amazing rewards.

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7. Traffic Rider

traffic rider

If you are into racing games, or games that involve you driving any sort of vehicles, then you will love playing Traffic Rider. The game is an endless racing game which consists of multiple game modes, better graphics and perfect bike sounds.

There are several motorbikes to choose from and you can unlock them as you get a better level in the game. Watch the road from a first person perspective and navigate your bike through the traffic for as long as you can in order to earn a better score. You will be riding in a detailed environment and during days and nights as well.

What makes this game one of the best offline games for Android is that it has a career mode with 70+ missions, an online leaderboard that gives you rewards along with multiple achievements that you can unlock.

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8. Sudoku – The Clean One

sudoku the clean one

I don’t think there is anything to explain about this game because Sudoku is something that almost all of us know about. And if you are a person who love to play games that challenge your brain, then you definitely want to keep this on your phone so that you can play it whenever you have some free time.

The developers of this particular Sudoku game have taken a minimal approach and removed all the excessive details from the screen so that you only have to focus on the board. Moreover, the game is lightweight and quite user-friendly because when you close the game or leave the app, it automatically saves your progress and the next time you open the game, you will be able to resume it.

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9. Grid Autosport

grid autosport

So far we have looked at multiple titles covering indie, puzzles, and whatnot! It’s time to take a look at this popular title from the ‘racing’ niche.

Developed by Feral Interactive, Grid Autosport is one of those that brings you the best of both worlds. We’re talking about offline gameplay experience paired with pretty solid graphics. There’s a catch though! This racing game is not a free title so you would have to shell out around $10 to get it.

In Grid Autosport, you get the chance to ‘ignite your high-speed career as a pro racer.’ The game comes with 100 cars and 100 circuits giving you a lot more to play around with. Of course, you can customize controls and even use the gamepad for the added experience. Since it’s a racing game, you get multiple varieties of tracks such as open-wheel, drift, drag, street races, tuner, and much more.

This is one of those offline Android games that will keep you busy whenever your internet connection is giving you a hard time. The best part is you get all the future updates and DLC content by shelling out the money once which is quite a good deal. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks on an Android game, then you should definitely give Grid Autosport a thought.

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10. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

street fighter iv champion edition

Capcom has already broken multiple records when it comes to PC and console gaming. It looks like the company is planning to do the same with the mobile segment. One such impressive game title is Street Fighter IV Champion Edition, which brings forward all that nostalgia of playing Street Fighter back on the CRT television with your friends and family.

When the title was first released, internet connectivity was essential to play this game. Capcom ended up removing that restriction, making it a complete package for an offline game.

While the game is offline and free, there’s a small caveat: there are multiple locked contents. For instance, you get access to only one playable character and three AI characters. To unlock the entire character list, you would need to shell out a couple of bucks. Doing that will unlock the entire content of this title.

While this is a mobile port, you get to see all those unique attacks, special movies, focus attacks, super combos, and of course, ultra combos. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is one of my go-to titles whenever I find myself without internet connectivity. If you’re like me, then you might want to keep a Bluetooth controller handy. Do note that the controller doesn’t work well with the game menu so you would have to use touchscreen often.

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11. Flaming Core

flaming core

Flaming Core is an arcade title that is developed by Habby for the mobile ecosystem. If you’re into sci-fi arcade games, then you might actually like this one.

The game immerses you into a world of hackers. Some unknown hacker has turned all your comrades against you, making your life a living hell. In order to survive this massive cyber attack, you have to defeat them and get to the end. Doing that will help you restore order and save the world.

There are almost 160 levels with different kinds of enemies and traps making things interesting at every step. The best part of this game is destroying enemies as the entire gameplay experience gives you a very satisfying feel. While the gameplay experience is top-notch, the ads make things a bit difficult. There’s no in-app purchase to remove them so you would have to tolerate it.

If you’re looking for a time-killer game that is very satisfying to play, then Flaming Core is what you need to install on your Android device.

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12. 2 Player Games: The Challenge

2 player games: the challenge

Are you with a friend and have no internet connectivity? Looking for some ways to utilize those extra hours? Well, in that case, let me introduce 2 Player Games: The Challenge.

As the name suggests, 2 Player Games is more of a collection of multiplayer offline games that you can play on your Android smartphone. Of course, the app also supports AI meaning you don’t actually need to have friends by your side to enjoy the games.

It consists of all the popular games that we used to playback in the day. We’re talking about games such as Ping Pong, Spinner War, Air Hockey, Snakes, Pool, Tic Tac Toe, Penalty Kicks, Sumo, and much more. The developer of this app has kept things consistent throughout every game. You would enjoy the minimal graphics that not only look soothing but are also distraction-less.

Another interesting aspect of this app is that you can host a challenge with your friend. The app will keep track of the scores allowing you to decide who wins the tournament. Considering the number of games inside this app, it’s a must-have for us.

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13. Dan The Man

dan the man

It’s time for some action platformers! Who doesn’t like platformer titles; they are fun, interesting, and deliver a retro gaming experience. Dan The Man is an action platformer that combines every aspect of a platformer.

The game brings forward a funny story combined with elements of an action platformer. As the name suggests, you play as Dan and well, you are fighting with every single person.

It’s a fight fest with enough enemies and boss fights and you’re going to love it. There are multiple gaming modes – campaign, endless survival, adventure mode, and the newly added multiplayer. All the gaming modes are free but you would have to shell out a few bucks to get rid of the ads. There are various other offerings such as characters upgrade and creating your own character.

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14. Math | Riddles and Puzzles Maths Games

math riddles and puzzles math games

As simple as the name sounds, Math is indeed a simple game that offers a mix of logical puzzles. You can solve a lot of Math riddles and puzzles with multiple difficulty levels to keep things challenging. The entire idea behind this app was to prepare people for IQ tests. If you want to utilize your free time with some useful yet fun gameplay, then this game is designed for you.

The more puzzles you will solve, the more challenging it will get with time. Apart from just making your free time more meaningful, this game will also help you develop problem-solving and logic skills. The game consists of various types of puzzles namely math games, brain games, educational games, IQ tests, and logical puzzles.

Another good thing about this app is the minimal and clean user experience with a complete dark mode design. For the cherry on top, Math Riddles has no ads whatsoever.

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15. Subway Surfers

subway surfers

It’s not possible to miss out on Subway Surfers when it comes to the best offline games for Android! Subway Surfers has enjoyed popularity in the mobile segment for almost a decade now, and it deserves it considering how fun it is to play it.

The entire concept of dashing as fast as you can have dominated the mobile segment. From Subway Surfers to Temple Run, we have seen a plethora of games following the same mechanism. Subway Surfers is still a fun, endless, and interesting game that can allow you to kill your time for hours easily. Of course, you don’t need to have an active internet connection to enjoy this title.

If you haven’t played this title for quite some time now, then you might want to know new additions. The graphics are optimized a bit more. The developers have also added new characters with the original ones still being there, and once again, you escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

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16. Atomas


Atomas is yet another game that I always keep on my smartphone, no matter what. It’s a fun game that, as the name suggests, brings puzzles and chemistry together. The primary focus of this game is on incremental puzzle experience. As a result, you don’t need to understand chemical components to play it. It will only take a matter of seconds for you to quickly understand the game.

In Atomas, you have your own little universe that starts off with hydrogen atoms. With the help of energy, you will perform fusion to convert hydrogen to helium and then helium to lithium, and so on. While doing so, you also need to keep the number of atoms in mind. If the entire universe is overfilled, then a big crunch will happen to destroy everything meaning game over.

After playing this game, you would surely be able to understand various chemical elements and how they work to some extend. Whenever you create new elements like Oxygen and Copper, you unlock lucky charms that you can then use in your game. There are four different gaming modes along with 124 different atoms, 12 different lucky charms, and much more.

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17. Once Upon a Tower

once upon a tower

A classic story that includes a princess and a dragon is what Once Upon a Tower brings to the table. It’s an adventure indie casual game that feels like a medieval rogue-like. You play as the princess and your goal is to escape the castle. You’ll have to use sharp skills to make sure that the princess gets her freedom.

Unlike in most games out there, there’s no Knight coming here to save you so you have to take matters into your own hand. The entire concept of this game is quite interesting and fun.

As you progress towards the game, the difficulty level increases meaning enemies will get harder to defeat. Every time you fail the game, you’ll have to start from fresh; so no save-points. The developers have added multiple princesses if you fancy that. There are multiple power-ups that you can use throughout the game.

From the graphics point of view, the game looks good and has that retro or arcade-like feel to it. You would definitely enjoy playing this title if you’re into such gameplay experiences.

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18. Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight 2

Shadow Fight is one of the popular Android smartphone games that has now become a franchise in itself. There’s a solid chance that you might have already played the first iteration of the title.

Shadow Fight 2 is more of classical fighting game with a mix of RPG elements. You can think of it as a Mortal Kombat or Tekken alternative. The game brings forward a plethora of epic combat sequences in the shadowy experience which looks super stunning. The controls on this title are fairly easy and you would not face any issue while throwing punches and kicks.

In Shadow Fight 2, you are in the ‘Underworld’ and you need to fight against fearsome bosses. You’ll have to level up your skills to beat the bosses and of course, you would need to upgrade your arsenal with time. Coming to the storyline, it is very intriguing and makes the entire gaming experience a bit better.

When it comes to the arsenal, we’re looking at epic swords, nunchaku, armor suits, magical powers, and more. There are certain elements that make the experience a bit boring such as the energy bar that needs to refill before you proceed further.

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19. Plants vs. Zombies 2

plants vs zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most popular offline games for Android that does not require an active internet connection. The game got so much popular that Electronic Arts ended up bringing a second installment as well.

As the name suggests, there is a war between plants and zombies and you being the plant, need to slay these zombies that come in your way. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is an action-strategy adventure title with a hilarious storyline and gameplay experience.

Throughout the game, you will have to collect various plants such as sunflower, peashooter along with hundred others. There are a variety of zombies as well such as jetpack zombie and mermaid imp. The more you play the game, the more seed packers you unlock that you can then use to fuel your potent plants. There is a multiplayer mode as well where you can compete against other people in an arena.

To make things even more interesting, the developers have added 11 crazy worlds from Ancient Egypt to the Far Future and beyond. All in all, we’re looking at a very fun game that will make you get addicted to your device and will give you something to do with no internet connection.

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20. Ludo King

ludo king

Developed by Gametion, Ludo King is a popular and classic board game that has now managed to make its way to your compact devices. The game is an online multiplayer game because it allows you to play with random players from all over the world or friends from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, you can do voice chat to make the experience ten times better.

But the reason why we should consider Ludo King as one of the best offline Android games is that it also supports local multiplayer or pass-and-play mode. What this means is that you can do your turn and then you can pass your smartphone to your friends and they will do their turn. It’s just like playing the actual Ludo board game but on your smartphone.

Ludo King supports 2 to 6 player local multiplayer mode. The game has a very user-friendly user interface and little additions such as emojis, themes, and more make the experience a bit more interesting.

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21. Pocket Tanks

pocket tanks

Looking for a fast-paced artillery game? Well, Pocket Tanks is what you need to install on your Android smartphones. The game is very simple to learn and fun to master. Don’t let the retro graphics fool you because Pocket Tanks is much more addictive than you might think. In no time, you’ll find yourself hooked for hours.

In Pocket Tanks, you have to bury your opponent in a mound of dirt, or assail them with a barrage of bullets. There’s a weapon shop that you can go to before entering into any battle. There’s a Target Practice mode where you can practice and learn various weapons and explore unique tactics. When it comes to controls, Pocket Tanks is very easy to play and you’ll find yourself enjoying it within minutes.

This is one of those games that you play just for fun and has a very light-hearted gameplay experience. There are around 145 weapons that you can explore but not all in the free version.

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22. Battletext


If you’re more into word games, then we now have something for you. Battletext is a fun and addictive word game that will test your vocabulary skills. The game will also challenge the speed of your texting. In Battletext, you need to come up with bigger words that have more letters and you need to type them faster. Sounds simple, isn’t it? Well, it really is.

Apart from multiplayer mode, Battletext has a story mode as well that you can play without any internet connection. There are 72 different timed stages to play through in the Story mode.

Furthermore, we’re also looking at 9 separate game characters with very different personalities. It’s a completely free game with some in-app purchases and advertisements. If you’re learning English, then this becomes a very fun way to pass your time and yet learn new things.

Sadly, there are certain words that are banned, and that includes clean simple words as well for some reason. After a certain time, the game becomes a bit repetitive so keep that in mind. Apart from that, Battletext is a very fun and addictive game that you should have installed on your smartphone.

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23. Chess


Another classic board game that is popular around the globe is Chess. Developed by Chess Prince, the game has already witnessed immense popularity on Google Play Store.

If you’re unaware, Chess is one of the oldest strategy games in the world. The game helps you develop skills such as tactics, strategy, and visual memory. It is one of those games that make your brain sharp. The more you play the game, the more you get better at it and of course, develop all those skills.

If you haven’t played any chess games yet, then you might finally want to give this classic game a go. At first, Chess might seem a bit difficult but you’ll get the hang of it in no time. In this version of smartphone-based Chess, you get ten levels of difficulty. There are various chess puzzles and there’s a game assistant as well to help you during tough times.

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In this listicle, we have looked at 23 different offline Android games that you can play on your smartphone without any internet connection. All these games are some of the best and popular ones that will make your no-internet time a bit more fun. We have tried to cover games from various niches to make sure there’s a title for all kinds of gamers, and we have even mentioned various classic board games that are available on your smartphone.

Of course, there are a plethora of other games as well; we can’t talk about every title in this list of the best offline games for Android in one go. So if you have any other game suggestions, then you can share the same down in the comments.

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