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13 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites Right Now (2022)

Torrent search engine sites are extremely popular! Most people visit these sites all the time, and yet not know what those sites actually are. But I guess you are aware of them which is why you are looking for the best ones!

Torrents have been around with us for about two decades now, and as expected, it’s not the same as it used to be. Back in 2001, programmer Bram Cohen released the very first implementation of his BitTorrent client. Since then, torrent files have made downloading content much more comfortable and, of course, the entire concept of pirating. With companies now offering copyright-protected content and a bunch of streaming services, the whole world of torrenting has witnessed a significant shift.

In general, torrent search engines have been a hot topic recently as many of the torrent websites go on calling themselves a search engine when that’s not exactly the case. A search engine for torrents and torrent repositories are two completely different things, and not many people know that. So before we go ahead and get to the topic of the article, let’s talk a bit more about torrenting and torrent search engines.

Torrent Sites & Torrent Search Engine Sites – Explained!

Torrenting is the process of transferring files through the BitTorrent network. The file is not downloaded to a central server in torrenting but rather on the network from the user’s device. Likewise, users can upload files for other users to download. Torrenting is the most popular process of P2P networking!

What Are Torrent Search Engines?

Torrent Search Engines are the typical search engines that are designed to find torrent files. They work the same way as any other web search engine does but with a critical difference. Unlike any other web search engine that finds the web pages, images, documents, and products, torrent search engines find P2P files from other torrent websites and show them in one place. Since it’s a search engine at its core, the representation of the traversed data is quite similar to those of Google and Bing.

All the working of the torrent search engine resembles the same as how a typical search engine works on the internet. Still, the only difference is torrent search engines are specially developed to find torrent files and sources with filtering and sorting options. Even some torrent search engines are powered by Google Custom Search.

They are also a lot different from torrent repositories as they deliver more results and even the magnet links that expand the search experience of the user.

Are Torrent Search Engine Sites Safe?

It depends on the context of how the user uses the torrent search engines and for what purpose. There are two main risks to consider that are generally involved in torrenting.

Firstly, the law. If you’re using a torrent search engine or torrent repositories for downloading licensed or copyrighted work, then it is illegal and could lead to legal actions.

Secondly, the people who use it to download stuff via torrent are often exposed to malware, trojans, and phishing attempts. It’s because most of the files obtained are from unreliable sources that are packed with malicious codes, keyloggers, and spyware.

I think that’s about enough intro about torrents and search engines, and I think we should get started with the article now because that’s what you are here for!

Disclaimer: This article is just for educational purposes. This is not meant to promote torrenting any copyrighted work. It is only to understand the torrent ecosystem, BitTorrent, and the concept of P2P networking and to understand what are some of the torrent search engines and how they work.

Best Torrent Search Engine Sites of 2022

1. Snowfl


When you search for a query on Snowfl, it goes through numerous public torrent indexes and shows the results. What makes Snowfl unique is its simple to use interface and the dark mode option to lower strain on your eyes. There are not many ads or other elements present on the page, and it shows results from various torrent repositories and sites, including RARBG and The Pirate Bay.

The results are presented in the form of simple and clean links. One can easily download the torrent file by clicking the listed links on the search result page. It has the filter option to narrow down your search results by filtering and sorting the results based on seeds, size, and age of the torrent.

There is also a “.onion” domain for the search engine to make sure you can access the website even if you’re browsing via TOR. There is a very minimum number of advertisements, which is an added bonus.

2. Solid Torrents

solid torrents

It’s one of the most simple, clean, and minimalist torrent search engine sites that is listed on this page. Just like Snowfl, this one also has a dark mode option but in an experimental stage. With that said, the dark mode should soon arrive as a stable feature.

Solid Torrents holds over 24 million torrent indexed pages from many niches, which is enormous, providing that it’s comparatively a new search engine compared to others. You can also submit your own torrents to this search engine for others to find. And it also allows users to bookmark their favorite torrents by creating an account.

The most significant plus point of this search engine is that it’s ad-free, and it also offers multiple filtering and sorting options. Another useful addition is the direct categories such as Movies, Videos, Music, and eBooks that showcases the top torrents in the individual variety.

3. AIO Search

aio search

AIO Search is a favorite among torrent fans and probably the most appealing. It allows filtering based on torrents, images, websites, videos, and file sharing. It also has one of the fancy features that make it stand out among other torrent search engines, which is the Search Cloud option where the user can click a term from the word cloud and have the results within seconds.

Apart from the plethora of options this search engine has, it also allows users to manually choose the torrent repositories where they want to search from. AIO also allows being added as an extension on Google Chrome or as a toolbar on Firefox. But with great features comes excellent annoyance; this search engine packs a lot of pop-up ads that are really annoying.

Apart from the official website, the developers are also offering the Firefox toolbar, Chrome extension, and Search Cloud.

4. Toorgle


Just by looking at the name, it won’t be wrong to say it’s a Google-inspired torrent search engine. As you might have guessed already, Toorgle is also powered by Google Custom Search. By the look and feel, it may look old school with just some basic HTML page, but this is what makes it super lightweight and fast. That’s why Toorgle is able to load even under slow network connections and provide the results to the searched query quickly.

Toorgle allows users to search over 450 torrent websites and says to have an indexed database of more than 45 million torrents. This torrent search engine allows sorting the results on the parameter of relevance and date. If you don’t mind the retro user interface, then Toorgle might prove to be one of the most reliable torrent search engine sites out there.

5. Veoble


Veoble calls itself the black search engine, and yes, it’s because the website offers a real dark mode. Thanks to the simple user interface, navigating around the webpage is pretty straightforward. Veoble is also powered by Google Custom Search, and just like Toorgle, this also shows fast results for any searched query. As most torrent search engines have annoying pop-up ads, Veoble is the place to visit if you don’t want to experience those ads.

This particular site also offers many sorting and filtering options and even an image search engine, which is a simple Google search. One of the drawbacks of this search engine is that the site is not HTTPS. This means your connection to the site is not encrypted and completely secure. Surprisingly, Veoble also has a built-in image search, and that might come in handy.



There’s another excellent torrent search place with the name of XTORX. On the homepage, it has only the search bar with a spotless interface. The service claims to be the fastest torrent search engine in the world. In our opinion, it might not be the fastest, but it sure is one of them, thanks to the straightforward, lightweight user interface.

As soon as you type in your query and hit enter, you get the results instantly, but the sad part is that there is no filtering or sorting option available on this popular torrent search engine because XTORX provides search results for different torrent destinations. This means clicking on the link will take you to the destination in a new tab to the torrent repository where the file is available.

7. BT Digg


BT Digg is an exceptional search engine as per how other torrent search engines work. Instead of relying on other torrent files, BT Digg uses BitTorrent’s DHT while scanning and indexing the new content. For all the new metadata collected, it analyses the DHT Network. BT Digg’s UX is straightforward with just a logo and a prominent search bar on the page without any other elements and further complexity.

Additionally, it also has the support for European and Asian languages, which makes it more comfortable to use for the users who want to use it in their regional language.

8. TorrentSeeker


TorrentSeeker is one of those torrent search engine sites that say they update their torrent indexes regularly with anything that’s popular nowadays or to other niches and categories. You get the search result indexes as a result of any query from over 100 different torrent repositories. TorrentSeeker also allows the sorting of the SERP results based on relevance and freshness of time.

The layout and site’s user experience seem very minimal and clean with very few and minimal ads, which give it a head over its competitors. TorrentSeeker will showcase torrent files coming from various popular sources such as Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337x, YTS, Kickass Torrents, and more.

9. Torrends.to


You might know Torrends.to as a Torrents.io. Yes! The all-time popular torrent search engine had to change its domain name. You can also access the search engine via using the “.info” domain name.

While the domain is changed, the user interface remains the same. There are next to negligible advertisements or popups on the search engine. Long gone are the days when the site used to be flooded with annoying advertisements and annoying popups.

Torrends.io search engine has a unique feature that shows the recent search trends on the homepage to give a glimpse of what’s getting searched in high volume in recent days. Other than that, it also shows the best torrent repositories for different queries depending upon which categories and niche you are on.

10. Torrent Paradise

torrent paradise

Since we’re on the subject of a minimal torrents search engine, how can we forget about the Torrent Paradise. The most prominent feature that this torrent search engine has is the freshness of its indexed torrents. Unlike other torrent search engines, its indexes are always up to date, including the leech and seed count. The searched results appear in no time, thanks to the lightweight and minimal user interface.

This site also takes on user’s opinions on how developers can better the search engine. That’s why there are options like ‘vote,’ where people can vote for what new feature they want on the Torrent Paradise site. Likewise, in the “donate” area, users can contribute to upkeep the development of the site.

11. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is an alternative that replaces the all-time popular Torrentz website since, as you might have guessed, the latter no longer exists on the internet. This torrent search engine follows the same pattern with a search bar and some more elements like Torrentz and some other domain extensions and mirrors.

This torrent search engine also has a “.onion” version for access through TOR browsing. The search engine indexes more than 60 million torrents covering over 90 websites. The key highlight of the search engine is the fast and powerful meta resulting in dozens of search results from multiple sources. At the time of writing this, the search engine is indexing around 31,102,111 active torrents from 125,464,743 pages on 50 domains.

12. Torrent Zeta


If you loved the user interface and feel of Torrentz2 that we discussed earlier, then you should know about Torrent Zeta as well. It is an exact replica of the previously-mentioned torrent search engine. Unlike Torrentz2, Torrent Zeta says to cover over a million indexes from more than 35 torrent repositories. The search engine is currently growing, and we should expect it to index more and more torrents from a plethora of sources.

Torrent Zeta should come in handy if Torrentz2 ends up going down for some reason. Lastly, you can expect instant search results due to the lightweight user interface. The website also showcases popular torrents repositories, and the list keeps on updating every single day.

13. BTDB (BitTorrent Database)

In the end, let’s take a look at the all-time popular and the thing that started it all. Yes! we’re talking about the BTDB, i.e., BitTorrent Database. It is a simple and effective search engine to search over 1 billion torrents, which seems like the biggest torrent indexing database so far.

There are not many elements or hidden party tricks, or really advanced features on this website. It’s just a simple query and search platform where you feed it the keyword, and it fetches all the torrent results as well as the magnet links. However, it allows the filtering option for search results that includes parameters like file size, freshness, relevancy, and popularity.


Torrent is an overall P2P networking process that revolutionized the way we can download content over the internet. Of course, the service then evolved into the source of piracy, allowing people to consume copyrighted content without giving royalties to the original creator. We always recommend our readers to pay for every content they consume no matter what, and support the original creators.

While torrents are mostly misused these days, the scope of this technology with BitTorrent has so many uses. For instance, computers and devices can directly connect to each other for a file to be downloaded or uploaded without having to set up a central route server that handles and processes all the requests.

The proper use of BitTorrent and Torrent networking could revolutionize this new form of networking for file transfer. Also, there are so many torrent search engine destinations to find and locate any torrent file without having to know exactly where they are or going to the torrent repository. Just by the search engines, you can find almost anything, and you can also filter and sort the results as per your preference.

This level of the extended functionality of the search engines that are exclusively designed for torrents enhances users’ browsing experience to a great extent and also ease the process where all you have to do is to put in a query and hit enter, and boom! You can discover any file that you want instead of going to the torrent repositories one by one and searching for them manually.

This is why it is essential to know about all the best torrent search engine sites that are currently available, and the reason why we created this article. So, if you liked what you just read, then make sure to share it with your friends too!


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