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Is MultiVersus Cross-Platform in 2022? – Crossplay & Cross-Progression Explained!

The developers of MultiVersus, Warner Bros., released the game in July of 2022. Since its release, the game has had raving reviews and a positive outcome. Unlike Super Smash Bros, strictly made for Nintendo, MultiVersus allows players from all platforms to access the game and play along with anyone.

Like Smash, the game is a very beat-them-up arcade type of game. It lets you fight against other players using your favorite WB characters, such as Batman, Shaggy, or even Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. There is even a rotation of free characters, giving players the freedom to choose their favorites.

What makes things even better is that the game is free-to-play across most platforms, namely PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

But there’s one big question that most players have, does MultiVersus have the cross-platform feature? That’s what this article is all about!

is multiversus cross platform

Is MultiVersus Cross-Platform?

With all of the advantages MultiVersus has against most of its competitors, the developers also made it possible to cross-play between different platforms. Whether you have a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, through the WB platform, you can invite others to play the game with you, no matter what device they are playing through, making it one of the best cross-platform games of the year!

As the great news to add onto this, you can save your progress through multiple platforms as it is saved through the WB website just as Bungie or Microsoft works. You can transfer the progress you make on one console to another console without worrying about losing your data.

So, to answer your question about whether MultiVersus is crossplay or not, yes, it is! And there’s also the cross-progression feature to improve the gameplay experience.

How Does MultiVersus Cross-Platform Work?

In MultiVersus, you have the option to play the game alone, but you receive a significantly higher percentage of bonus when playing with others! If playing alone, you would not receive a 30% bonus for each match, so many players prefer the multiplayer mode.

But how does it work, really?

how to play multiversus cross-platform

Online Gaming:

Playing the multiplayer mode online is pretty straightforward. When you pull up your main characters’ menu, click on the “+” button on the right-hand side of the screen (it’s a pretty large icon). After this, you will see a friends list open up, showing you:

  • Recently met players
  • Warner Bros. Games Friends (Cross-Platform option)
  • Friends list from the current platform

You can choose any of these, per your friends’ availability, and start playing the game!

Local Gaming:

Playing the game locally, however, is a bit difficult compared to the online multiplayer mode because it may take you a minute to figure out how to do it. Here is how to navigate this mode:

  • Click “Play” on the main menu
  • Click the “Custom” tab on the top-right
  • Then click “Local Game.”
  • Play with three other players maximum
  • Customize settings and rules at the top-right

Not only do you have the ability to play PVP, but you also have the ability to Couch Co-Op together.

Just remember playing remotely and locally are entirely separate from each other, and you cannot mix these modes. You cannot cross-play in a local game; you can do it only in online gaming mode.

multiversus crossplay cross-progression


Since Multiversus has made itself so easily accessible to everyone, with the option of free-to-play, along with cross-platform and cross-progression, it is definitely a highly recommended game. Of course, there are a few tweaks here and there that the developers need to put their magic touch on, but the game overall has a very positive rating.

I hope you are ready to take your MultiVersus experience to the next level after learning more about how it all works, creating a fantastic gaming experience for you and your friends!

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