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Is Rocket League Cross Platform Across PC & Consoles in 2022?

Is Rocket League cross platform? That must be your question if you want to play this addictive game with your friends, but you and your friends own different gaming consoles. Do you want to find out if the game is crossplay compatible and will allow you to play the game with your friends or not? That’s what I am going to focus on in this article!

Developer Psyonix had been collaborating with Sony to create the same level of openness with Rocket League, following Fortnite’s debut as the first cross-compatible game. The studio had warned fans that this could take some time considering the practicalities involved, despite the vehicle game being designed to be cross-platform from the beginning.

Since its 2015 release for the PC and PlayStation 4, Rocket League has incorporated elements of cross-platform play. It offered the same courtesy to Xbox One gamers when the game first came out in 2016, but neither console could communicate with the other.

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What is Rocket League?

Players in the high-speed arcade-soccer game Rocket League fly through the air in rocket-powered battle cars to score goals and create havoc. In 2015, the game took off on Steam and went viral worldwide. Various recreational and intensely competitive game styles are available, and the professional Rocket League circuit is still active today.

The intense vehicular soccer action of Rocket League has just been made available to all PC players for free on the Epic Games store. When you purchase this game, you might question if you can play with your friends who may already own it for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch.

Rocket League is unlike any other action-sport game because of the high level of mechanical accuracy necessary. Numerous tactics have been created to hit harder, move faster, and win more often in any sport. The player base has increased significantly since the game went free to play, recently surpassing one million concurrent players. As the player base expands, more and more people are becoming interested in Rocket League’s exciting competitive scene.

There are several controls in Rocket League, and some of them, like air rolls to the left and right, aren’t even initially tied to the controller. Change them to maneuver your car more quickly to the desired location. But even if you stick with the standard controller configuration, moving your boost to a different button will enable you to activate it with a finger other than the one you use to leap, making you faster in almost all circumstances.

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Is Rocket League Cross Platform?

Since bursting onto the PC scene in 2015, Rocket League has taken off onto Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo consoles, quickly rising to the top of the global game charts. Rocket League was among the first video games to offer crossplay, and it recently added cross-platform progression as a feature for users of Epic Games accounts.

One of the titles, Rocket League, caused Sony to modify its position on cross-platform play amongst all the main console systems. Sony eventually gave in and made Rocket League one of the first games in the modern era to support crossplay in its entirety. This was made possible by the collaboration of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Epic Games to provide crossplay for Minecraft and Fortnite.

To activate crossplay, just carry out these actions:

  • Open the Rocket League video game.
  • Go to the Main Menu and select Settings or Options.
  • A gameplay tab should be open.
  • Check the box for Cross-Platform Play.

Game chat is the only way to speak with other platforms’ players. You can go into the settings and have everyone who isn’t a member of your squad automatically muted, which also means that they can’t hear you if that makes you feel more comfortable. You will need to use an outside service, such as Discord.

You can immediately enter a public game to play against arbitrary players on other platforms. It takes a little more work to play with others on particular platforms.

A friend can be chosen and invited to join your game under the Friends page. Once you and a friend are in a lobby, you can get ready and start playing. You can play offline or join in with Epic Games when you first launch Rocket League with a sideswipe.

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Your ability to add pals who play Rocket League on many platforms is made possible by the Epic ID code. You may play games with them, invite them to parties, and check on their online activity. Your Rocket League display name, a hashtag, and a four-digit code were the components of this code.

Follow these procedures to find the Epic ID for Rocket League:

  • Launch Rocket League.
  • Go to the “Friends” tab in your screen’s bottom right corner from the man menu.
  • The top of the Friends List will show your Epic account name and Rocket League username.

Follow the instructions to add friends with an Epic ID in Rocket League:

  • Activate the Epic Games Launcher.
  • In the sidebar, select Friends.
  • Choose the Add Friend icon from the window that has just appeared.
  • Now enter the display name or email address of your friend’s Epic Games ID in the corresponding field.

Rocket League’s cross-platform multiplayer mode ought to be activated by default. To ensure Rocket League’s cross-platform multiplayer is enabled, go to the Gameplay tab in the preferences and ensure the corresponding checkbox is ticked.

According to Psyonix, you can create or join private matches if you want to play on multiple platforms solely with specified friends. This allows you to set the game’s rules and enjoy cross-platform multiplayer with only your buddies.

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Cross-platform play refers to the capacity for many gaming systems to share the same online servers in a game, enabling players to connect regardless of the platform they use. Rocket League may be played on various gaming systems as a cross-platform game.

On PlayStation and Xbox platforms, Rocket League supports cross-platform play. For PC gamers, Epic Games and Steam both support cross-platform gaming. You can play with pals on any console because Rocket League is available on all platforms. It’s commendable that Epic Games and Psyonix kept this feature in the game because it’s a fantastic addition.

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