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23 Best Gacha Games You Can Play Today (2022)

Gacha games are experiencing mainstream popularity, with more gamers exploring the genre and loving it. With the growing popularity, game developers are bringing more Gacha games to the market. As a result, the market is primarily divided into two segments; popular games that are enjoying massive success and newcomers or enthusiasts games that have a loyal fan following.

Gacha games are not something new in the world of the gaming community. The whole concept of the Gacha model began way back in the early 2010s in Japan. The idea slowly made its way to Chinese and Korean games. Today, Gacha games have become pretty popular, so we’re here to curate a listicle on some of the best titles available for you to play.

A piece of warning before we get started: Gacha games are known to have some addictive and gambling elements, so keep that in mind and don’t get too consumed with it.

Gacha Games & Models: Let’s take a closer look at it!

For those unaware, a Gacha game is a video game that implements the Gacha mechanic. ‘Gacha’ is short for ‘Gachapon,’ i.e., a capsule vending machine that was very popular in Japan. It follows the idea of putting currency or resources into a game and then getting a random object from a fixed list.

Any game in which you acquire characters or gears significantly by putting in currency or materials.

Again, the entire process of getting items is random from a pre-arranged pool. Any game that follows this similar structure is nothing but Gacha. Of course, this definition keeps evolving and changing among the gamer population.

For instance, many think that a Gacha game has to have RPG elements, while some think it needs to be a hero collecting game.

In the Gacha model, players generally attain elements via a “gacha” mechanism such as “pull” or “spin” the slot machine or roulette wheel. To make things even more interesting, the developers implement limited and specific prizes that can only be obtained within a particular event or time frame.

In many Gacha games, it becomes essential to have rewards to make other processes in the game. With that said, there have been numerous controversies and criticism surrounding the Gacha games. For instance, the model closely resembles that of gambling. Many articles claim that these games exploit the naivety of children to make a profit.

Best Gacha Games of 2022

1. Genshin Impact

genshin impact

Platform: Android, iOS, Switch, Windows, PS4, PS5

Since its initial release, Genshin Impact has tasted immense success on multiple platforms. The game is widely popular because of its proper RPG mechanics that bring you an impressive storyline and content-rich experience. It offers a massive open-world exploration gameplay experience with an art style that looks breathtaking.

In Genshin Impact, you play as a Traveler looking for his or her twin sister or brother, depending on the character you pick in the beginning.

If you’re looking for an incredible storyline, engaging gameplay experience, and a massive open world, you need to give Genshin Impact a shot. The breathtaking artworks and a plethora of incredible players are cherries on top.

2. AFK Arena

afk arena

Platform: Android, iOS

The gamer community identifies AFK Arena as a “hero collection role-playing title,” which is another world to represent gacha games. The game contains more than 100 heroes divided into seven factions. Some of these heroes are even rarest, and you need to collect them. The more you collect, the more you will level up.

AFK Arena is known for its rich gameplay experience that you can see throughout the campaign mode. As you progress in the game, you would have to fight ancient evil enemies such as Hypogeans. The game has a bunch of modes, so you know you would keep yourself occupied and interested while playing the game.

3. War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

war of the visions: final fantasy brave exvius

Platform: Android, iOS

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the brand-new Final Fantasy Tactics designed for mobile platforms. With this game, you get to experience multiple quests such as story, world, event, and many more that allow you to experience different stories of each kingdom. There’s a multiplayer quest or duel mode in which you compete online with other players.

Even if you complete the story quests, you have more than 200 unique quests spread worldwide and event quests. The game has a big job system and elements allowing you to acquire new jobs by raising units with the job system. From storyline to background music, War of the Visions brings the best features to Android and iOS.

4. Punishing: Gray Raven

punishing: gray raven

Platform: Android, iOS

Punishing: Gray Raven is a fast-paced RPG game with stylish visuals and an impressive storyline. In the game, humankind is almost extinct, and the earth is conquered by a robotic army known as the Corrupted. This robotic army results from a biomechanical virus known as The Punishing. Few of the survivors managed to save themselves and relocated into orbit nearby the space station, Babylonia.

The Gray Raven Special Forces Unit has now decided to take back their lost home, and well, you are their leader. You would enjoy the lightning-fast combat action with various movies such as parries, dodging, pinning down enemies, and rapid combo attacks.

The game is free-to-play and is available on Android and iOS, making it a solid contender and worthy of being one of the best Gacha games of the year!

5. Pokémon Masters EX

pokemon masters ex

Platform: Android, iOS

Pokémon Masters EX is a light, fun, and engaging gacha game designed for the mobile platform. It’s surprising to see a Pokémon gacha game. The whole idea behind this game is to let the players experience different stories with their choice of favorite characters and trainers. This means that you get to collect sync pairs, i.e., a combination of trainers and Pokémons.

You can do a 3-on-3 battle by building your ultimate team of trainers and their Pokémons. You can even get new Pokémons by hatching the eggs placing them in your next battle. The downside of this game is that, with time, it mostly becomes more of a “collecting trainers” video game. But still, Pokémon Masters EX is a perfect title for those looking to explore stories with different Pokémons and trainers.

6. Illusion Connect

illusion connect

Platform: Android, iOS

Illusion Connect is a popular real-time strategy game that follows the gacha model. In this game, you build your Radiants, and you then use them to socialize with a myriad of social modes. As a part of a strategy game, you would have to explore a unique lineup to dominate the Nightmare. The title brings forward some exciting real-time battles, which are fast-paced and fun.

You would need to do much more than just equipping Radiants to ace the battles. We’re looking at learning the backgrounds, personalities, experiences, hobbies, etc. Again, to unlock these Radiants, you need to invest real money in the game which you’re already familiar with, thanks to the gacha model.

7. Dragon Ball Legends

dragon ball legends

Platform: Android, iOS

If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise, you will enjoy playing Dragon Ball Legends. Unlike most gacha games, Dragon Ball Legends has an anime influence, making the entire gameplay much more fun. We’re looking at some of the epic 3D visuals and animations throughout the game that will make you go “woo” for sure.

The idea behind this game is to tell the original story but with a brand-new character known as Shallot. Of course, other legendary characters such as Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks would also be present. Dragon Ball Legends has also implemented 1on1 anime fighting action against friendly or rival DB players.

8. Raid: Shadow Legends

raid: shadow legends

Platform: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac

Raid: Shadow Legends might be one of the best games to play, and there are multiple aspects that make this game one of the best gacha games. We’re looking at stunning visuals, RPG elements, a wide variety of heroes, and content, and it comes with an incredible storyline.

You need to assemble a Champions alliance and command them in arena battles to save Teleria from Dark Lord Siroth. From the location point of view, we’re looking at beautiful and striking 12 locations. If you’re looking for exhilarating clan-centered gameplay, you should look at this game.

9. Another Eden

another eden

Platform: Windows, Android, iOS, Switch

Another Eden is a free role play game from the WFS Inc., responsible for many JPRG titles. For those unaware, JRPG is short for Japanese Role Playing Games, which are pretty fun, to be honest. The game is mainly popular on mobile platforms and Nintendo Switch.

Another Eden has three amazing and well-built characters: Cyrus, Aldo, and Feinne. Since it’s a free game, the developers have incorporated the Gacha mechanism quite well.

10. Arknights


Platform: Android, iOS

Another popular gacha game with RPG elements explicitly designed for mobile users is Arknights. Developed by Hypergryph, the game brings beautiful anime-style graphics combined with role-playing and strategy elements. It also has the Base construction system, which we always love to explore.

The developers have even done a fantastic job with the soundtrack that makes the experience ten times better. And the amazing storyline and the gameplay mechanics that allow you to experience gameplay options is something that will keep you hooked to the game for a long time!

11. Azur Lane

azur lane

Platform: Android, iOS

So far, we have discussed gacha games with RPG elements. It’s time to look at Azur Lane, which brings something different, i.e., a side-scrolling shoot ’em up gameplay. What makes Azur Lane different is that it has RPG, 2D shooter, and tactical genres combined into one package.

In this game, you organize up to six ships and participate in naval warfare. You either battle with AI or enjoy PvP battles. The game allows you to select ships from more than 300 options, each having its unique stats and features.

12. Bleach Brave Souls

bleach brave souls

Platform: Windows, PS4, Android, iOS

If you’re looking for a gacha game set in the Bleach universe, you should look at Bleach Brave Souls. Inspired by the hit manga and TV anime series, this game looks and feels very incredible. Full of action and easy to play, the hack-and-slash action is what this game offers to the players.

With this game, you can also participate in epic 3-on-3 battles with players from all over the world, which is quite fun. The game offers characters from 13 Court Guard Squads, the Espada, Xcution, Stern Ritter, etc. So, if you are a fan of Bleach, this is the game for you!

13. Epic Seven

epic seven

Platform: Android, iOS

Developed exclusively for mobile gamers, Epic Seven brings forth some fantastic art-style graphics for gacha games. Inspired by anime, the gaming experience is top-notch and quite pleasing. Apart from graphics, the game also offers many gameplay options, such as the Labyrinth, PvP battles, world boss mode, and much more.

Personally, we loved the 3v3 intense battles that are quite fun and epic. The developers have recently added World Arena mode allowing you to pit against players from all around the world.

14. Fire Emblem Heroes

fire emblem heroes

Platform: Android, iOS

Nintendo is known for some of the amazing and fun games for mobile and handheld gamers. Fire Emblem Heroes follows the same legacy. As the name suggests, the game consists of all your favorite characters from this long-running RPG franchise. A free-to-play game that is heavily influenced by gacha. Thanks to all the gameplay elements, Fire Emblem Heroes might be the company’s highest-grossing mobile game.

The game takes you on an epic quest filled with intense battle sequences and legendary heroes. You can not only level up your characters and strengthen their stats, but you can also compete against other players to find out who’s the strongest!

15. Kingdom of Heroes

kingdom of heroes

Platform: Android, iOS

Yet another RPG game for smartphones with seasonal updates from the developers to keep things fresh and new for the gamers. Kingdom of Heroes is somewhat inspired by Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes!

What we personally like about this game is the visual style that is very, very pleasing. To top things off, we’re also looking at some of the adorable characters that will make the entire experience even better. There are multiple things to look at in this game, such as guild raids, new dungeons, turn-based RPG, and much more.

16. Alchemy Stars

alchemy stars

Platform: Android, iOS

Alchemy Stars is yet another turn-based strategy game for smartphones. Like most gacha games, we’re looking at impressive visuals and an awesome storyline. The game takes place in a world with futuristic technology. There’s an optional auto-combat mode that you can use whenever you want to relax and enjoy the breathtaking art-style visuals.

Even if you’re new to this strategy genre, Alchemy Stars makes the gameplay approachable for casual gamers out there. If you’re looking for something fresh, this particular gacha game might be what you’re looking for.

17. Fate/Grand Order

fate/grand order

Platform: Android, iOS

Fate/Grand Order or FGO is a game you should try if you’re looking to dive into the Fate series. The key highlight of this game is its impressive storytelling which would make you try more Fate games. The game takes place in 2017 A.D., where an organization called Chaldea, responsible for observing Earth’s future, has uncovered a truth. According to the discovery, the future of the world has changed; and that the human history will be eliminated in 2019.

An RPG game with an impressive storyline and superb gameplay experience packed with anime art-style graphics is what Fate/Grand Order is all about.

18. FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper

final fantasy record keeper

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper was the first gacha game I’ve personally tried and fell in love with. Of course, this game has certain flaws, but the gameplay becomes unique and fun if you look past it. The developers have added various classic scenes in this game, such as Midgar, Zanarkand, and Cocoon.

We’re also looking at heroes from the entire Final Fantasy franchise, such as Cloud, Tidus, Lightning, Noctis, and many more. All the impressive things from the franchise are present in this gacha title.

19. Princess Connect! Re: Dive

princess connect! re: dive

Platform: Android, iOS

Also known as Priconne, the game brings an impressive storyline to your smartphone screen. In this game, a man named Yuuki has fallen from the sky, having no memories other than his name. He meets an elf named Kokkoro, who helps him with how the world works. So, we’re looking at from battling monsters to handling currency. You can even create a guild of your own, continue with your impressive adventures and explore the entire world.

The game features a stunning storyline with simple but real-time battles, and the game also features multiple heroines, each voiced by your favorite voice actresses.

20. Crusaders Quest

crusaders quest

Platform: Android, iOS

Crusaders Quest is a classic retro RPG game with a gacha mechanism incorporated. The game follows the pixel graphics visual style, which is quite fun and satisfying. There are around 1,000 8-bit heroes that you can choose to participate in the flashy action gameplay experience. Each hero has a “soulbound” unique weapon that you need to obtain to awaken their latent powers.

There are also inherited powers that you can grab by overcoming challenges and acquiring ancient books. Crusaders Quest offers a diverse gameplay experience with a host of in-game events to keep you busy no matter what.

21. Hero Cantare

hero cantare

Platform: Android

Available exclusively for Android, Hero Cantare gives you a vast Tetra-based story with the level mechanism of your favorite hero. It’s a great Idle game that is perfect for someone who is a fan of different webtoons like Tower of God and God of Highschool. Each hero has its standalone story with an accompanying webcomic.

Hero Cantare will keep you addicted as it has a lot of content for you to explore. This game has it all, from story battles to arenas, exploring the dungeons to defeating the challenging tower, which would keep you engrossed for a long time.

22. Puzzle & Dragons

puzzle & dragons

Platform: Android, iOS, FireOS

It’s rare to see a popular game available on the FireOS platform. Puzzle & Dungeons is an entertaining classic game. The game consists of diverse monsters with incredible abilities that you can utilize. What’s more interesting is that these monsters can evolve into new and more-powerful forms.

Recently, the developers have added a multiplayer mode allowing you to enjoy this RPG experience with your friends. The game is entirely free, but it does have a gacha mechanism, so there are a lot of in-app purchases to witness.

23. Last Cloudia

last cloudia

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows

Last Cloudia is a fantasy RPG game with quirky characters and cinematic effects. The game has a riveting storyline with pixel-art characters and 3D backgrounds, making the experience a much better one. The real-time combat action in this game is insane and exciting. To top things off, we’re looking at a deep character-building system.

Tired of grinding? Well, use autoplay mode, in which you need to gear up your team and send them to collect power-up materials. It’s a solid gacha game, but it becomes a bit repetitive and boring in the long run, but still, a solid title for you to explore.


This brings us to the end of the article, and I just hope that you now know all about the best Gacha games that are available for you to play.

If you are new to the world of gacha games, then you can pick up any of the games mentioned above and start playing. But if you have already played a couple of these and have some suggestions for me, like a game that deserves to be on the list, do let me know about them.


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