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How to Delete TikTok Account Permanently in 2022?

TikTok doesn’t need any kind of introductions because even people who aren’t exposed to the Internet daily have heard of the application, thanks to all the teenagers making videos in all kinds of locations. You might also be one such users who downloaded the app and really enjoyed it in the beginning, but now you are bored of it and want to remove it from your device. However, removing it is not enough because you will eventually get back. What you need to do is delete your account completely so that all the data is removed as well, thus eliminating any chances of re-installing the application. In this article, we are going to see the complete guide on how to delete TikTok account with a simple to follow process!

Just like Instagram became a worldwide phenomenon and gave birth to a whole breed of influencers, TikTok also achieved the same thing as the popular content creators on the platform have tens of millions of followers.

Since anyone can download the app, shoot a video and upload it to their profile, everyone wants to become just as popular as the rest. However, this can lead to an addiction which can hamper your professional as well as personal life, if you don’t pay proper attention. If you are unable to focus on your work or any other thing properly, and are constantly checking your profile to see your followers count, then you are addicted to the platform.

Even TikTok has realized this problem among its users which is why they added a feature called “Digital Wellbeing” where you can limit the time you spent on the app. But that’s also just a feature and you can change it whenever you want. If you truly have no passion towards making videos for the platform, and just joined in because everyone was getting popular, then you need to re-evaluate your life goals and get rid of the app by permanently deleting your TikTok account as soon as possible.

how to delete tiktok account

Before Deleting Your TikTok Account:

There are a couple of things you should know like this is a permanent step and there is no reversal. Once you go through it, say bye to your entire account along with all the videos you created as well as all the followers you earned. Plus, if you have made any purchases on the platform using real money, then you shouldn’t expect any refunds on that either because that’s not going to happen.

As soon as you complete the steps mentioned below, the account won’t be deleted at first but deactivated. This means that all your data and content will remain on the platform for the first 30 days; and if you login to your account within that period, your account will be restored and won’t be deleted. So make sure that you uninstall the app after performing the below steps and don’t login again if you want to get rid of the app.

Lastly, you should also know that some information, like your comments on other people’s videos, will be preserved on the platform. This is to make sure that the conversation in the comments is legible, but your username will be changed to something generic like “user37523”.

How to Delete TikTok Account?

Just follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below and you will be able to delete your account permanently:

  • Open TikTok on your smartphone and login to your account.
  • Click on the humanoid icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to go to your profile page.
  • Next, tap on the “3 dots” at the top-right corner in your profile page, and then click on “Manage My Account” option.

delete tiktok account

  • If you haven’t already, then add your phone number to your account right now because you won’t be able to delete the app without that.
  • Now, click on the option that says “Delete Account” at the very bottom of the page.
  • On the next page, click on the “Send Code” button and you will receive a 4-digit verification code. Enter the code in the box and then click on “Continue”.

delete tiktok account

  • The app will ask for a final confirmation about deleting all your data and information from the platform, so click on the “Continue” button to do that.
  • A box will then pop-up on your screen. Click on “Delete Account” option and you are done!

delete tiktok account

You have now successfully temporarily deleted your TikTok account! Now all you have to do is uninstall the app and not login for 30 days and the account will be deleted permanently.

I hope that you were able to follow the steps properly and were able to delete your account as well. However, if you are facing any issues during the process or have any queries about any of the steps, you can share them in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, make sure to share the article with your friends as well and let them know how simple it is to delete TikTok account permanently so that they too can do that when needed!

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