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80+ Best Matching PFPs for Couples and Friends (2022)

Matching PFPs are the best way to express your love and affection toward your friends or partners. That’s why so many people like you look for the best profile pictures for couples and friends to share.

You landed on this page because you were looking to get a nice profile picture that you can match with your significant other or with your friend. I too have spent several hours looking for just the right picture and that’s why I know the need to get the perfect one. That’s the reason why I have created this article where you can find the best matching PFPs for 2022! No more wasting time as you can find the best pictures right here!

There are several matching PFPs for couples to use, and PFPs for friends, and I haven’t forgotten to share PFPs for 3 friends either because being a trio of friends is much better than being a duo.

And of course, there are other categories I have covered too, like anime PFPs, funny PFPs, cute PFPs, and even sad PFPs!

All you have to do is use one of the links below to jump directly to the section of PFPs you are most interested in!

You can use the above navigation to jump to select sections or, you can just scroll through the entire article and find the exact matching PFP that you want to use!

The Best Matching PFPs Of All Time (2022)

Matching PFPs for Couples:

Starting off the list are several matching couple PFPs that you might want to use along with your significant other. This is a great way to show off your love for each other, and to let the world know that nothing can do you apart!

To save these PFPs, simply right-click on the images and save them on your device.

Matching PFPs for Friends:

Next up are the best PFPs for friends!

This is one of the most popular kinds of PFPs because friends are lifelong. You find a person who is as weird as you and you stay with them for your entire life, doing all kinds of weird stuff, of course. So, why not use matching PFPs on your social media profiles?

Matching PFPs for 3 Friends / Trio Matching PFPs:

More often than not, you are a group of 3 friends and not just two, so having matching PFPs for all 3 friends is a great way to show off your bond to the world.

However, there aren’t that many quality PFPs in the pair of 3 so it was kind of tough to find the good ones to share. But I do think I have done a great job in making this compilation of trio matching PFPs, and if you too like it then make sure to use them along with your friends and match your profiles!

Matching Anime PFPs:

Next up is a section created especially for otakus! Now I know that most of the profile pictures on this page are either anime-related or cartoon-related, but that’s because those kinds of PFPs are really popular.

So, here’s a section that’s wholly populated by matching anime PFPs that you can use along with your otaku friends!

Funny Matching PFPs:

No matter what kind of PFP you are looking for, chances are high that you will eventually end up using a PFP that is funny and kind of weird. So, what’s the harm in matching your PFP with your friend’s PFP?

Cute Matching PFPs:

You might not admit it yourself but every person in this world has a special corner in their heart for cute things. You might be the manliest of men, but you will still love adorable things and would want them in your life.

That might be the reason why cute PFPs are insanely popular and there are a lot of options to choose from. I mean, you simply need to search for the matching cute PFPs, and there’s a plethora of pictures. That is why I collected only the best of the best pictures and featured them here so you don’t have to waste time looking through a bunch of them.

Sad Matching PFPs:

No list featuring PFPs is complete without sharing the saddest of the PFPs, and this list is no different. Below you will find matching profile pictures that are sad and can be used to convey your emotional state to your friends easily!


That brings us to the end of this article. I hope that you found the profile pictures that you were looking for. And if you were successful in finding a good PFP, make sure to share the article with your friends to let them know about all the awesome matching PFPs for couples and friends they can find here!


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